Authentic recipes for Ukrainian Christmas Eve Supper


“Ukrainian Christmas Eve Supper”

Book cover of Sova Books' "Ukrainian Christmas Eve Supper" e-book

The full title of the first book in the series is Ukrainian Christmas Eve Supper: Traditional village recipes for Sviata Vecheria. And It is currently available in e-format on the Amazon website.

Obviously, the book is about the Ukrainian Christmas Eve which takes place on 6th January. Following the old traditions, families gather on that day to celebrate the occasion and have their festive supper. Customarily, the Ukrainians call their Christmas Eve Supper – ‘Sviata Vecheria’ (‘Holy Supper’).

An introduction to each chapter in Ukrainian Christmas Eve Supper offers some interesting information. Usually, these are insights into the customs and rituals related to the dishes and useful cooking tips. Following in the steps of “Taste of Ukraine” (our first cookbook), this edition also contains some tempting photographs and images of classic Ukrainian pieces of culinary art.

Our gratitude goes to Lesia Tolstova and Yuliya Lytvynets from the National Art Museum of Ukraine. They supplied us with images of classic works of Ukrainian artists.

A few words on Christmas Eve recipes

Sviata Vecheria is one of the most enchanting Ukrainian traditions. After all, many rituals and beliefs contribute to this event. One of them is the serving of twelve Lenten dishes on the night. Customarily, two of the twelve dishes, kutia and uzvar, would be served almost universally on every Sviata Vecheria table in Ukraine. Ten further dishes would vary from place to place often, among other things, depending on their geographical origins. Thus, more fish dishes would be present in villages situated near rivers or lakes, whereas mushroom, especially, porcini dishes are more popular in forest regions, such as in Carpathian Ukraine.

Ukrainian Christmas Eve Supper offers just over 50 traditional recipes to choose from when preparing for Sviata Vecheria. For example, kutia, uzvar, borshch with vushka (dumplings), kapusniak, solianka, kulesha, varenyky, holubtsi, knedli, pyrizhky, pampushky, kysil, and others. By the way, almost all of the recipes are at least a century old. Some of them are very popular and others – rediscovered.

Rustic in origin – exquisite in taste

A bowl of red borscht with dumplings, millet kasha and buns
Three Ukrainian Christmas Supper dishes – borshch with vushka (porcini dumplings), vegetarian pyrizhky and millet kasha with prunes.

As the book’s subtitle suggests, the recipes in this edition are rustic and rather simple.

Generally, they were a favoured choice in an average village home, rather than in a household of a well-to-do landowner or a city dweller, where more ‘sophisticated’ dishes were popular with a more plentiful choice of ingredients, including various imported spices. One of the forthcoming volumes in the series will feature these dishes.

Notwithstanding either ‘the modest’ choice of products or, in many cases, the uncomplicated cooking methods, the dishes are in no way less delicious than their more extravagant counterparts.

The rustic, homey dishes have their special charm and appeal. Cooked with home-grown produce (which would nowadays be referred to as ‘organic’, ‘free-range’ etc), properly stored and cooked, they easily excel in taste.

Book series about Ukrainian cuisine

Our series Tradition on a Plate is about Ukrainian cuisine. More precisely, it’s about its fascinating and abundant component: the dishes that are traditional to festive and other significant occasions.

Each book presents a collection of authentic recipes. Also, there is interesting information about certain national feast days or family occasions.

Two other books in Tradition on a Plate series are: Traditional Velykden: Ukrainian Easter Recipes, and Ancient Grains: Ukrainian Recipes.

Three of "Tradition on a plate" series book covers.


We hope you enjoy the book and find your favourite recipes there.

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