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Traditional Velykden: Ukrainian Easter Recipes

Ukrainian Easter recipe book surrounded by flowers and PysankaIf Ukrainians ever invite you to a traditional Easter lunch – have no doubt, you’ll enjoy the most lavish and delicious meal. Numerous dishes, some rich in butter, eggs, and spices, and no lack of meat, salads, and desserts.

Our book Traditional Velykden: Ukrainian Easter Recipes offers a diverse collection of the most popular Easter recipes in Ukraine. They include kholodets, buzhenyna, poliadvytsia, verhuny, rohalyky and, of course, paska. In addition, you will find not-so-common Easter recipes, like mock cheese paska, or rye paska, or two special types of borshch.

By the way, apart from paska, you can prepare these dishes for other festive occasions, like birthdays or weddings. (Of course, Christmas Eve Supper is out of the question, because it celebrates only lenten dishes. And as we know, Ukrainian Easter is anything but lenten. 🙂 )

The feature that distinguishes this book from many other recipe books is its articles. In Traditional Velykden: Ukrainian Easter Recipes you will find information on little-known Ukrainian ancient rituals and customs celebrating Velykden. Among others, the articles will reveal:

  • what products you should put in your Easter basket and why;
  • the magic power of krashanky (which, like pysanky and driapanky, are Ukrainian Easter eggs) have; and
  • rituals associated with baking paska (Ukrainian Easter bread).

Book 2 in The Tradition on a Plate series

Traditional Velykden: Ukrainian Easter Recipes is part of the Tradition on a Plate series. As such, it follows its predecessor, Ukrainian Christmas Eve Supper. Similarly, it contains photographs, accompanying stories and recipes. In the current paperback edition the photographs and illustrations appear in black and white. To see them in colour, check out the e-format of the book. Another option is to watch this blog – we plan to republish all the photos here in colour.

Traditional Velykden: Ukrainian Easter Recipes is the second volume in the series. The first book was all about the Ukrainian Christmas Eve supper. So far, there are three Tradition on a Plate books, with more to come.

The book’s contributors:

The images of classic works in Traditional Velykden: Ukrainian Easter Recipes are sourced from the National Art Museum of Ukraine. Our sincere thanks to Lesia Tolstova and Yuliya Lytvynets from the Museum.

The story of Velykden – Ukrainian Easter – definitely deserves to be told. As for us, our series Tradition on a Plate would be incomplete without it.

By way of a postlude

Traditional Velykden: Ukrainian Easter Recipes is about a beautiful spring holiday, Velykden, Ukrainian Easter. Velykden is full of amazing old rituals and traditions. They originated long before Rus (Kyivan Rus) adopted Christianity in the year 988. From a culinary point of view, Easter day is outstanding because of its abundant rich menu. Some of them, like paska or babka, are unique and only cooked on this occasion.

We published our first edition of Traditional Velykden: Ukrainian Easter Recipes (click here for a book preview) back in 2017, in e-book format. The book became popular. As a result, we released two more editions in print format. The third and latest edition appeared just before Ukrainian Easter 2021.

The book’s title is self-explanatory. ‘Velykden’ in Traditional Velykden: Ukrainian Easter Recipes is most often translated into English as ‘Easter’. But in Ukrainian, it literally means ‘Great Day’.

The book is available in both e-format and hard copy. Both formats are currently available on Amazon.

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