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about Author

Andriy Temchenko

A contemporary anthropologist and lecturer at Bohdan Khmelnytskyi University in Cherkasy, Dr. Andriy Temchenko has worked as a secondary school teacher and a curator at the Cherkasy Regional History Museum. His areas of expertise include Ukrainian mythology, ethnography and folklore, particularly spells and folk medicine. In 2003 he defended his Doctoral dissertation, written on the topic of the Ukrainian healing spells, their symbolism and semantics. In addition to several dozen articles on this topic, Dr. Andriy Temchenko has had several books published, including Tradytsiyni Zamovliannia: Semantychni Transformatsii ta Obriadovi Paradyhmy (Traditional Spells: Semantic Transformations and Ritual Paradigms, 2014) and Tradytsiyni Mantychni Praktyky: Arkhaika Znakovoi Systemy (Traditional Divination Practices: Archaism of Sign System, 2014). Dr. Temchenko wrote the foreword and commentaries for Sova Books’ edition of Petro Yefymenko’s Sbornik Malorosiyskikh Zaklinaniy (A Collection of Ukrainian Spells, 1874), which is to be released soon. He is also a member of the Ukrainian Scholar Library editorial board.

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