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Vasyl Myloradovych

A Ukrainian folklorist and ethnographer, Vasyl Myloradovych (1846–1911) published Zamitky o Malorusskoy Demonolohii (Notes on Ukrainian Demonology) in 1899. Its English translation was released as part of our Ukrainian Scholar Library in 2021.

A descendant of a noble family, he was born in the village of Tokari, Lubny county (now Lokhvytskyi district), Poltava province. After graduating from the Law Faculty at Kharkiv University in 1869 he started his legal career, and for 15 years (1875–1890) worked as a Magistrate of Lubny county. Presiding over cases of local residents gave him an opportunity to become familiar with their life. He became interested in their customs and the details of their everyday routines.

Upon his retirement, Myloradovych dedicated himself entirely to ethnography and folklore. In 1903 he was elected an honorary member of the Poltava Scientific Archive Commission. His first ethnographic article, entitled “Vesilni Pisni v Lubenskomu Poviti” (Wedding Songs in the Lubny County, 1890) was published in Kievskaya Starina (Kyivan Antiquity). Topics of his other ethnographic works include Christmas customs, oneiromancy, folk songs (those of hired seasonal field-workers and farewells to enlisted soldiers), and folk medicine. He published more than 20 works, many of them based on materials he gathered from his native Lubny county. Trudy Poltavskoy Uchenoy Arkhivnoy Komissii (The Works of Poltava Scientific Archival Commission) published his folk tale collection “Kazky i Opovidannia” (Folk Tales and Stories, 1912 & 1914). The Russian Geographical Society awarded him with the Silver Medal for this collection. He died and was buried in Lytviaky village near Lubny, in 1911.