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about Author

Halyna Karpinchuk

Halyna Karpinchuk is a young Ukrainian scholar specialising in literary and bibliographical studies. She has written over thirty articles on the subjects of the bibliography and history of studies of Taras Shevchenko’s work. Her works based on archival materials were published in the specialised publications Slovo i Chas (Word and Time, Kyiv), Shevchenkoznavchi Studii (Studies of Shevchenko’s Works, Kyiv), (Spheres of Culture, Lublin), Slovak Literature (Slovenská Literatúra, Bratislava), and Shevchenkiv Svit (Shevchenko’s World, Cherkasy). Halyna is the author of Mykhailo Novytskyi – Shevchenkoznavets (Mykhailo Novytskyi as a Shevchenko Expert, 2018), and is an editorial board member of the twelve volume publication Povne Zibrannia Tvoriv Tarasa Shevchenka u 12 Tomakh (The Complete Works of Taras Shevchenko in Twelve Volumes, 2001–2014). Halyna currently works as the research fellow at the Kyiv Museum of Book and Printing of Ukraine. She has organised over fifteen exchibitions dedicated to Taras Shevchenko (poet and artist), Ivan Franko (poet and writer), Mykola Lukash (literary translator), Leonid Makhnovets (literary critic), Yuriy Mezhenko (bibliographer and literary critic), and Ukrainian children’s books. Halyna was an Olha Kaminchuk and Hryhoriy Kostiuk Award winner in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

Halyna is a member of our Ukrainian Scholar Library editorial board.

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