Review of Gothic Tales

EastWest-CoverThe current issue of East/West: Journal of Ukrainian Studies has a review of two Sova Books publications: The Living Grave by Liudmyla Starytska-Cherniakhivska and Treasure of the Ages by Klym Polishchuk (Link). The review is written by Dr Svitlana Krys from MacEwan University in Alberta, Canada. One of Dr Svitlana Krys’s fields of expertise is the Gothic genre in Ukrainian literature. Her review presents a valuable analysis of our Gothic tales and some little-known facts that are of interest to both scholars and lay-readers.

“The two e-books feature Ukrainian authors belonging to the generation known as the Executed Renaissance; both Liudmyla Staryts’ka-Cherniakhivs’ka (1868-1941) and Klym Polishchuk (1891-1937) fell victim to the Stalinist terror of the mid-1930s in Ukraine. Because their works were suppressed during the Soviet period, neither author is widely known in Ukraine […]. The present translations open up the works of both authors to a much wider readership, and for this, Sova Books and Svitlana Chornomorets’, who translated both works, should be praised.” (Dr Svitlana Krys, MacEwan University, East/West: Journal of Ukrainian Studies) Link