Book Store / The Mitten
  • Author: Svitlana Soldatova & Svitlana Yakovenko
  • Category: Children’s Literature, Ukrainian Folklore & Colouring Books
  • Publication: November 2018
  • Pages: 28 pages
  • ISBN: 9780994533463
  • Size: 210 x 210 mm
  • Format: Soft Cover
  • Price: AUD $6.99 plus postage & handling*

The Mitten: The Mitten

by Svitlana Soldatova & Svitlana Yakovenko

“The Mitten” is one of the most famous Ukrainian tales. There are many variations of this story, with different participating animals, and even different endings. One of the variations, with probably one of the happier endings, is offered in this book.

The book’s magic world comes alive in Svitlana Soldatova’s illustrations. The charming characters and intricate ornaments invite the reader to turn the pages over and over again.

The only thing we cannot be sure about is whether the book will be coloured in by a child, to whom the story is being read, or by the adult reading the story!

The story is in English with the Ukrainian translation offered at the end of the book.