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  • Author: Svitlana Yakovenko
  • Category: Cookery
  • Publication: October 2013
  • Pages: 360 pages
  • ISBN: 9780987594310
  • Size: 215 x 275 mm
  • Format: Hardback
  • Price: AUD $70.00 plus postage & handling*

Taste of Ukraine: Rustic Cuisine from the heart of Ukraine

by Svitlana Yakovenko

Chicken Kyiv has long been a favourite in the Western world, and now the Taste of Ukraine cookbook reveals more than 350 additional – and delectable – dishes that originated in the heart of rural Ukraine.

Taste of Ukraine puts one of the great world cuisines in the spotlight. As well as detailing favourites like borschch and varenyky, the book reveals fabulous local dishes that are largely unknown outside Eastern Europe.

The recipes of rural Ukraine are rich and varied – and surprisingly relevant to current food trends that celebrate rustic simplicity, slow cooking and wholesome ingredients. Taste of Ukraine makes it easy for both novice cooks and food buffs to get acquainted with this wonderful cuisine.

In Taste of Ukraine, clear, simple and fully tested instructions are matched with 500 glorious colour photographs.

Fascinating articles on a range of topics from Christmas feasts to Ukrainian Easter Eggs, to the foods served at a sumptuous seventeenth century banquet, explain the vital role of food preparation in Ukrainian culture.

Taste of Ukraine is a high quality cookbook that is destined to become a classic work about Eastern European cookery. It makes an attractive, substantial Christmas gift for people who love easy-to-use recipes and it has a ‘family heirloom’ quality that will appeal to anyone with Ukrainian heritage.

Taste of Ukraine is only available as a printed book.