Kupalo Treasure Hunt 2018

(Kupalo Book Review Competition)

Ivan Kupalo, a much loved Ukrainian folk festival, is approaching fast. On the night of Kupalo Eve, 6th July, magical powers are at their peak. Rusalky leave their homes under water and make merry in the fields, witches celebrate their Sabbath, and treasures that have been hidden for ages are revealed with a rare chance for to a lucky person to find them.

Is there any better way than reading a suitable book to put yourself in the right mood for this magical night? Among Sova Books’ publications, twe have just the book for this occasion, Orest Somov’s “The Witches of Kyiv and Other Gothic Tales”. This collection of classic short stories offers an insight into the world of supernatural from Ukrainian folklore.

Sova Books invites you to take part in its book review competition.

Here is the deal:Print

On your part – read Orest Somov’s “The Witches of Kyiv and Other Gothic Tales, write a review in English, and publish it online.

Let us know of your review along with your contact details (your name, email address and postal address) via email readsova [AT] gmail [DOT] com by 7 July 2018, 12 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).

You may publish your review on any appropriate website, which does not prohibit such publications. That may include any websites specifically designed for these purposes or any other relevant sites etc., like Sova Books’ Facebook page. There is no word limit. Our only request is, please, be original, unique and enticing.

On our part – Sova Books will choose three reviews that, in our opinion, among other things, have the best grasp of Orest Somov’s approach of embracing Ukrainian lore in his “The Witches of Kyiv and Other Gothic Tales”. The authors of the winning reviews will be notified by 14 July 2018. Each of the three winners will receive a ‘treasure’ – enchanting handmade ceramic necklace @ryabavosh. The patterns of these pieces of art, which are designed and made by talented young Ukrainian artists, suit the motifs of some of Orest Somov’s stories perfectly.