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about Author

Volodymyr Halaychuk

Dr. Volodymyr Halaychuk is an Associate Professor of Ethnology at Ivan Franko National Lviv University. Adhering to the established traditions of his ethnographer predecessors, he combines his field research, involving expeditions throughout Ukraine, with his academic projects and writings. His professional interests revolve around the traditional spiritual culture of Ukrainians, in particular their calendar customs, funeral rites, worldviews and demonology. Dr. Halaychuk has taken partin more than fourty ethnographic expeditions to Polissia (including the areas affected by the Chornobyl disaster), Volyn, Boykivshchyna, Hutsulshchyna and Pokuttia.

Dr. Halaychuk’s book Ukrainska Mifolohiya (Ukrainian Mythology, 2016) won him many fans among devotees of Ukrainian demonology, both amid academics and laymen. Halaychuk has authored more than fifty articles on ethnology, folklore studies and linguistics. His works are published in specialised academic journals in Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic and Lithuania. He is also the author of the insightful foreword in Sova Books’ upcoming translation of Vasyl Myloradovych’s Notes on Ukrainian Demonologywhich is a part of our Ukrainian Scholar Library series.

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