What to expect from Ukrainian Scholar Library?


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The Ukrainian Scholar Library (USL) is our latest book series. It was launched with Mykola Sumtsov & ors’ The Story of Pysanka: A Collection of Articles on Ukrainian Easter Eggs in April 2019. Currently, the next two books in the series are being prepared for publishing and shortly they will join The Story of Pysanka.

A few words on what the USL is about:

  1. The featured works belong to Ukrainian authors of the past centuries.
  2. The series intends to cover a diverse range of subjects including, folklore, history, politics, music, mythology, art and medicine.
  3. Each book contains forward written by a contemporary expert in the field.
  4. The texts are accompanied by illustrations (black and white), commentaries and notes. Each book contains indexes, bibliography and glossary.
  5. The books are aimed at academics as well as other philomaths.

Enjoy your book. And if you have a particular work in mind that you think is ought to be a part of the USL, please let us know.

Book cover of a collection of articles on Ukrainian Easter eggs
Book cover of a collection of Ukrainian spells